Application Advancement & Maintenance by VRI Solutions

We boast of offering the top solutions to end-end offshore software progress which include collection of requirements, design and development of applications, maintenance of applications as well as provision of specialized design and development of soft ware by specific experts. We are proficient in a number of major software applications such as Visual Age (Java development platform from IBM) and Visual Studio (.NET).  During the development of the software as well as in its lifecycle, our highly specialized professional team applies great systems as well as custom tolls for the industry such as Designer 2000 and Rational Rose.

Our flexibility and our tailored system to fit the client’s or project requirements is our main element as a company. Though our custom processes cater to normal situations, we tailor each project application using your business objectives and needs as the key determinants.

VRI Solutions 5 step software development process

Process for offshore software development

  • Phase  Lосаtiоn  Entrу Criteria  Activities  Dеlivеrаblеѕ
  • Requirement Dеvеlорmеnt Onsite/ Offshore  Stаtеmеnt оf Wоrk
  • Collection of requirements
  • Evaluation of requirements
  • Inspection of gathered requirements
  • Specifications for software requirements
  • Plan for application testing
  • Plan for initial project


Offshore SRSs/ High Level Design Onsite

  • Definition of architecture
  • Putting down the development plan
  • Note the specifications that are functional
  • Write the plan for the application test
  • Strategy for software development
  • Architectural plan for the system
  • Plan for software development
  • The Functional specifications
  • Strategy for system test
  • A revised plan for the project


Detailed Design and Development Offѕhоrе Functional Sресifiсаtiоnѕ

  • Note the specifications for programming
  • Note specifications for unit test
  • Build
  • Specifications for programming
  • Specifications for unit test
  • Code for unit tested


Sуѕtеm Tеѕting  Offѕhоrе  Unit Tested Cоdе & Sуѕtеm Cases

  • Carry out system test
  • Client ready system


Acceptance of tested Software for testing onsite

  • Maintain the acceptance test
  • Acceptance letter