Global Delivery Model

The setting of IT technology has been significantly altered by the current economic style. The applications for software development are now been provided through cost efficient, process-centric and distributed world delivery models that depend on the offshore or nearby shore facilities.

Determined by the requirements of the enterprise, VRI Solutions has a flexible method with relation to software delivery and this gives the clients the freedom of selecting from 2 model choices. Numerous of our clients go on to select the offshore development model when working with us. Our high tech professionals who include the software developers, the quality assurance team and the project managers are based in Gurgaon in India where we have a fully functional development facility. We take our staff to the location of our clients’ business in some cases. These deployed people then offer management and coordination services while onsite as well as assist with the alliance with the offshore resources for development.

Offshore Software Development
The whole development team which includes the managers of the project work from the VRI Solutions offshore delivery base in India, this is in line with the pure offshore model. To offer committed supervision and to guarantee that the clients will be fully content then relationship management is carried out from the U.S office

Delhi, India is where we have a development facility which consists of high tech delivery center with a qualified staff that is wholly committed to the diverse technology needs of our global clients. The largest trying factor today is time, the time to promote, the time to relate with your clients and the time to launch a new product or service. This is something that our esteemed team of programmers, project managers and quality assessment professionals fully comprehend and they work to help you rise above your biggest challenge.

The benefits of the offshore model are:

  • Less time taken to market
  • Saves on cost
  • Development and delivery quality is paramount
  • Broad testing and evaluation of quality
  • Projects are the main determinants in the scalability of the development team


Software Development in India
Our onsite which is the offshore model deploys several members of our team to your region so as to act as a link between your offshore software development group and yourself. The precise project level determines the ratio of the offshore to onshore members. The efforts, services, cost and requirements of the project are the main determinants of the objectives set.

Benefits of onsite-offshore model are:

  • Less time to manage for the customer
  • Relationship between onsite team and client at business hours
  • Good risk coverage of communication and culture
  • Rapid gathering of information by the offshore team

Despite how you engage with us for your software needs, we fully understand that honest and open communications as well as visibility are the core factors for healthy outsourcing partnerships.

Communication is the key
By the use of  regular appointed communication that includes frequent communication through US based contact for phone and Instant Messaging applications, we are highly accessible and we respond fast to cater to your needs

Keeping you informed always is our main philosophy

Progress Visibility
As a client you will want to be reassured that the budget and time objectives will be fully met when you trust a company with your product or project. With VRI Solutions as your partner you will get an unsurpassed stage of clearness with relation to the progress and status of your project. This will help you know the current stage of the task as well as it will assist in identifying and solving any conflict that may arise during the process