Migration and Re-Engineering

VRI Solutions assists its clientele to move their highly significant mission application and production systems from the legacy base to modern and updated technology platforms. This is made possible by the provision of reengineering and application migration services.

We effectively move and re-engineer our clients’ applications through the efficient application of our tried and true processes that involves the most proficient tools and systems. By using our deep knowledge and solid skills and collaborating with the latest technologies and third party elements, we enhance great value by offering modernized graphical user interface that are web based. Our highly specialized software development professionals come with an unsurpassed price package that is cost efficient and as a result all our clients fully benefit from partnering with us.

Migration Services
Shifting your products from the heritage platforms to the advanced technologies will highly benefit your custom software in that there will be: heightened scalability, enhanced incorporation features and a higher level of market acceptance and eventually an increased market share. We progressively aid

ISVs to migrate their established and lucrative products to the Microsoft .NET base.

The VRI Solutions has an enviable portfolio that consists of the following migration services:

The Architecture Migration:

  • Legacy to web enablement
  • Legacy to web services
  • Client server to Service oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Client server to N-TIER

The Operating System Migration

  • Legacy to Windows
  • DOS to Windows

The Language Migration

  • ASP to ASP.NET
  • C or C++ tо .NET
  • VB to VB.NET
  • PB, Coldfusion or Progress to .NET

The Data Migration

  • SQL ORACLE to MS SQL server
  • SQL Server 6.5/2000 to SQL Server 2005

Reengineering Service
VRI Solutions assists you to enhance your clients’ satisfaction by guiding you on how to reevaluate the current needs of your customers,   redesigning your products to suit their diverse needs and executing this newly restructured product by applying up-to-the-minute technologies. For a specialist touch on your product, count on VRI Solutions to help you fully exploit on your performance while at the same time enhancing the usability and strength of the software product.

Custom Software Development

Benefits of VRI Solutions:

  • Primary focus on a tool based plan that will have a strong impact on the reduction of cost and effort.
  • Applying the VRI Solutions’ elements greatly minimize efforts taken
  • A reusable and well serviced components library
  • Migration and reengineering processes that involves the finest principles and proven techniques that are explicitly described
  • Experienced and proficient managers and programmers who are very knowledgeable about the application of migration tools and phases
  • Iterative. A module by module plan where practices gained from one iteration are efficiently carried out on the next.
  • Updated and reliable user interface that applies 3rd party mechanisms such as Syncfusion, Teleriks and Infragistics.