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We are a fast climbing consulting company in the IT field and we have our focus centered on offering and delivering original services and products that will improve quality and save our clients on costs and time as well as minimize on risk to be encountered.

We are regularly on the lookout for unique talent. We want active and high spirited individuals who can learn fast and grow with us as we expand. VRI Solutions has an environment that is extremely energetic and this is great for the ambitious. Over the years we have generously rewarded those who perform the best in our team by giving them promotions, bonuses, raises, transfers and so much more.

Working with us

We are a unique company; we are diligent, passionate about what we do and experts in our field. We use less time to create authoritative and neat solutions to issues that crushed down the rest. We lead.

We take pride in the fact that we move fast and excel beating the rest in our industry. One of our enviable features is speed and we want individuals that can be thrilled with working in a very small time scale and produce exceptional results that are world class. To us, the outcome and quality are supreme

Our clients deserve work that is of high quality. Each relation and delivered work should be in line with our set standards. All our operations are done in order to fully cater to the aims and objectives of our clients. We are the best and our customers confirm it time and time again by stating how expertise services are incomparable and they bring excellent solutions to their businesses.

Finding a fit

  1. Are you willing and ready to work and work hard?
  2. Do you want to interact with the best talented people in the industry as well as diverse clients?
  3. Do you like the challenge of coming up with great solutions to some of the biggest problems in less time?

If yes, kindly go through our open positions and check if there is a good fit for you

Equal Employment Policy

We believe to being an equal employer. We reach out to individuals to be part of our team regardless of their religion, color, nationality, race, marital status, age, gender or any other factor that divides a society. Merit, ability and qualification are the main factors that determine our human resource decisions. This strongly confirms that we are dedicated to the standards of equal employment to all and we disregard any aspect of unfair practices. We highly persuade all our staff members to take full advantage of the opportunities for their career advancement and promotion when they arise.

If a member of staff has an issue related to possible discrimination in the work environment than they are to table these concerns to the HR department or their personal supervisor without any fear of punishment.

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